“With everything in my power and without losing sight of your happiness, I’m committed to seeing you succeed”.

Ferry Korver’s got a keen eye for spotting new faces and a passion for seeking out new opportunities.
His ambitious, energetic and enthusiastic personality have led him to where he is today and with his extensive experience in both the fashion and modeling industry, Ferry’s vision for a one-of-a-kind modeling agency has been clear from the get go.
In June 2019 Skins Model Management was born, with values like transparency and diversity strongly embedded in its DNA. Ferry Korver’s professional reputation, extensive network and fresh look on how to guide a model’s career, are a perfect starting point for aspiring models of all levels.

“No individual is the same. Every model needs a customized plan to help them reach their goals.
I strongly believe that a model’s success is a combination of personal development and the right guidance. I’m devoted to creating long-lasting careers, while embracing the different qualities that make every model unique”.
Skins Model Management invests in collaborations that are built on honesty and mutual trust and believes that enjoying the road to success is as important as succeeding itself.

Ferry Korver.